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Stronger, Safer, More Cost Effective

Roof Rack SpacerThe J-Clip raises the roof cladding in order to maintain thickness of bulk insulation and to achieve the minimum thermal resistance values in order to comply with the Section J requirement of the BCA. The roof sheeting can be fixed directly onto the J-CLIP spacer and no alterations to the fixing method of the roof are 

The J-Clip can be used in all concealed & pierced fix roofing applications. Its patented design provides a sturdy and stable platform during construction.

Our patented leg design guarantees that no screws miss the purlins as we have a ‘safety first’ approach to ensure all 
roof cladding is installed correctly.

The J-Clip comes in 3 different heights to fit standard insulation thicknesses. The 1200 mm nominal length of the J-CLIP matches the typical widths of bulk insulation. This makes installing the J-Clip easier for the contractor as it holds the insulation in place ready for fixing.

Why is the J-Clip different to other roof spacers?

  • J-Clip has been fully and thoroughly tested and approved by the University of Adelaide for use in both cyclonic and non-cyclonic regions in Australia.
  • J-Clip is the only spacer thoroughly tested and accredited with all relevant roof components in place, over multiple spans, including point load testing.
  • J-Clip is the only spacer which complies with roofsheet test data of major roofing manufacturers.
  • J-Clip has been proven to outperform leading roofsheet profiles ensuring structual integrity and performance warranties are maintained.