The J-Clip Advantage


The J-Clip concept was conceived out of frustration with the current roof spacer solutions on the Australian market.

Roof-spacers are a direct bridge between roof and structural steel and as such is essentially what is holding your roof on.

Section J in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) deals with energy efficiency of building structures and is a mandatory part of the building design. In most cases, the minimum thermal efficiency requirements can be achieved by installation of bulk insulation between the roof-sheet and safety mesh on top of the purlin.

However, to achieve compliance with Section J of the BCA any insulation blanket must be able to recover to its full thickness and achieve the R-Value specified.

J-Clip solves all of the shortcomings of other roof spacers in the market.

Other roof-spacers on the market either:

  • Do not meet roof sheet manufacturers test data minimum requirements,
  • Are not suitable for use on pitched roofing,
  • Do not meet fire performance requirements,
  • Use fixings in a manner contrary to their design that may or may not meet Australian standards,
  • Have not been tested for downforce loads,
  • Have warranty periods far less than the roof sheet it is meant to support,
  • Have all fixings engage as intended in as little as 1 in 10 spacers,
  • Rely on specific directions of laying and additional bracing,
  • Are narrow, weak and unsafe for foot traffic,
  • Are not suitable for both screw fix and concealed fix type roofing,
  • Require significant on site re-fabrication when required to shorten the spacer,
  • Require specific types for cyclonic compliance, or
  • Are too short to make practical roof installation possible.

What we created surpassed all of our expectations.

Being independent of insulation and roofing manufacturers, Carey Roofing Products is a wholly Australian owned business, and can be specified in conjunction with any roof or insulation manufacturer without compromising pricing or supply.

The J-Clip was designed by commercial roofers and not only solves all of the above issues but is miles ahead of competitors in quality and design – providing a product that is easy, safe and practical way to comply with the BCA Section J requirements.

The J-Clip roof spacer is a stronger, safer, more cost effective solution to section J.